Experts in Eye Care Innovation & Advanced Vision Products

Our team has decades of experience building cutting edge technologies for the eye care industry.

We help eye care leaders refine their product strategy by acting on hidden insights in data.

We work alongside eye care leaders to optimize product and business outcomes. Our goal is to relentlessly serve our clients by infusing innovation into their organization. We help companies stay relevant in a fast changing business and Intellectual property landscape. 

Finding patterns in networks and relationships between data is at the core of our innovation strategy. We work with our clients to understand and act on insights which are hidden deep in different data sources: from IP landscapes to customer surveys and industry data.  

Who we work with

Eye care industry partners who want better patient outcomes, business profitability, product innovation, and fanatical customer success.

We work with independent and group ECPs, large eye care enterprises, eye care entrepreneurs, independent optometrists and opticians, franchises, eye care universities, labs and associations. We do not work with unfunded startups or eye care inventors without a budget.

Smart Eyewear

Our team has years of experience merging high-end luxury eyewear with cutting edge technology. Integrating patented systems and processes for audio and microdisplays.

Deep Tech and IP

Our team can help you articulate a clear IP strategy and R&D process for your deep technology innovations.

Data Pipeline, AI, ML

Our certified AWS engineering team can build a scalable data pipeline and Machine Learning strategy for your eyecare related products.

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